Knaresborough AutumnFest 2019

Saturday 28th September & Sunday 29th September

A celebration of our Town:

its natural beauty, its long history, its talented people and vibrant community.

Well,  at the moment, everywhere you go in the Harrogate District there are bikes!  So we thought we’d take a fun look at bikes

This AutumnFest weekend, no matter what age you are, you can have a bike ride with a difference!

If you’re a little person (under 7 years old) you can drag ‘the rents’ up to Knaresborough Market Place and have a mega-fun time on wobbly bikes. And there is no charge (though we might be shaking a collecting bucket in front of your dad) so you can keep coming back for more on Saturday and Sunday!

circle bike1If you’re a bit older, or even a lot older, you might want to head down to Waterside and take a ride on a conference bike.  Everyone sits in a circle, like at a conference table, and everyone pedals.  Good teamwork essential here if you want to get anywhere, but even without it you’ll have a lot of laughs, and so will everyone else in the cafes close by!!

circle bike

But if you’d rather pedal and get somewhere, opt for the Bike Bus.  A Bike Bus trip down Abbey Road won’t be a ‘sit down and relax’ sort of experience.  All passengers on the Bike Bus have to pedal if they want to see the sights.

bike bus

Or you could seize the day, and try both.  Life is for living!  There is no fare (but get used to the inevitable collecting bucket!) 

Remember to bring your water bottles.  There are plenty of places to fill up, and lots of cafes for breakfast, lunch or just coffee and cake after all that pedalling!