Knaresborough AutumnFest 2019

Saturday 28th September & Sunday 29th September

A celebration of our Town:

its natural beauty, its long history, its talented people and vibrant community.

After a busy Saturday at Knaresborough’s AutumnFest, why not try an activity that’s good for your body, mind and spirit?

taichi in the castleTry a free Taster Class of Lee Style T’ai Chi, a yin and yang style which looks to balance and harmonise the body, mind and spirit. Physically the graceful movements allow every part of the body to move and work together without stress and strain to the joints and muscles. Building strength, flexibility and suppleness.

T’ai Chi helps sharpen the mental faculties, improving focus and balancing emotions, and because T’ai Chi is based on Taoism, it helps develop a deep inner peace, naturally leading to greater awareness and understanding of oneself and with the world around us.

The Class will start at 10.00 am Sunday 29th September and will last 45 minutes.

To join, please check-in at the Renaissance Knaresborough Gazebo in the Castle Grounds before 10.00am. The class will take place on the Bowling Green on Castle Top. Please wear comfortable clothing.