Knaresborough AutumnFest 2019

Saturday 28th September & Sunday 29th September

A celebration of our Town:

its natural beauty, its long history, its talented people and vibrant community.

Dare you stare into the soul of a town…?

A promenade performance of four stories in the grounds of Knaresborough Castle

vampire in Knaresborough

Knaresborough: by day a quiet market town on the banks of the River Nidd; by night something seethes beneath the streets. Why this town of two halves, of two faces? When did the fracture begin?

Initial research undertaken by the Vampire Experiment has unmasked something sinister, something lurking at the heart of the town – a curse buried beneath the place where the hangman's noose once swung, protected by the walls of the castle.

We are looking for brave subjects to risk their very souls in order to cast the light of science onto a shrouded past.

The experiment will take place on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th September 2019 at 1 pm, 2 pm and 3 pm each day. Ghosts will be awoken, doorways unlocked. The time to act will be short, but the evidence must be gathered, and a choice must be made. The soul of a town depends on it.

Are you courageous enough to take part in the Vampire Experiment?

Bookings are now being taken or those brave souls who dare to unlock Knaresborough’s buried past.

Promenade theatre performances will take place on Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th September at 13.00, 14.00 and 15.00 each day, and we hope that participants return in an hour!

Places are limited so book soon, but there is no charge for those courageous enough to book!

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vampire experiment