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What we have achieved for the town so far

In 2010 Renaissance Knaresborough’s Green Group developed an idea that had come out of the Annual Knaresborough Apple Day. Old maps of Knaresborough showed that established fruit orchards across the town had been removed, usually for house building and that homeowners were generally planting ornamental trees rather than fruit trees.

fruit tree1fruit tree2Their aims were to engage the community in producing local seasonal food, prevent waste and teach new skills in growing, preserving and food preparation.

The scheme would also reduce food miles, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, help to support pollinating insects and encourage bio-diversity.

The Group were keen to plant a full orchard, but couldn’t find large areas of land that would be suitable.

It was decided to search for sites to plant fruit trees in clusters. Orb, Knaresborough Scouts, Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre, Aspin, Meadowside, St Johns and Forest School all agreed to plant trees.


In spring 2012 Knaresborough Lions kindly provided the funding for 42 fruit trees and in the summer the Group planted:

  • Apple Trees: 11 Ribston Pippin, 10 Gravenson and 2 Red Devil

  • Plum Trees: 4 Czar and 2 Victoria

  • Pear Trees: 10 Jargonelle

  • Almond Trees: 2

Most of these trees have survived, and are now bearing fruit.

If you think you’re a Fruit & Nut Case and would like to volunteer with like-minded people to help develop the Community Orchard Project, we’d love to hear from you!

Please contact us via our website.

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