Past Projects
What we have achieved for the town so far

Waterside ducks long ago learnt where visitors and children regularly throw food to them, and Viaduct Terrace is a major feeding station. But it hasn’t always been that way.


Some years ago, Renaissance Knaresborough put together a plan to turn a scrubby part of the Waterside riverbank into a place where residents and visitors could sit and enjoy the views and the peaceful riverside environment.

The project cost £150,000 to complete, and Viaduct Terrace was opened in 2009 by the then Mayor of Knaresborough Mrs Pam Godsell* and Gordon Renton, then Chair of Renaissance Knaresborough.


Lucky Ducks! Lucky Knaresborough!

Today Viaduct Walk provides an attractive interpretation board about the riverside and railway, its environment and history.  it also offers a welcome point on our much-loved Waterside for a sit-down, a place to reflect, and another place to feed the ducks.

* edit - We have been informed that the information previously stated was incorrect. The Mayor at the time was Mrs Pam Godsell. Thank you for informing us and we apologise for any inconvenience.