Timegate is an interactive game & educational tool created in 2009. It offers the user a 3D representation of Knaresborough Castle past and present. King James’s School offered a significant contribution to the game, 12 pupils aged between 13-16.

Whilst the software may be a little dated, we felt that the game offers unique imagery of the Castle which needed to be made accessible to all, especially during these challenging times.

The game is free to download, however as a not-for-profit trying to make positive changes for our community, we kindly request that you offer us a small donation, if you are able.


Please enjoy and share your experiences of on our social media, that way we provide access to a wider audience. Please follow the installation instructions below, and in the unlikely event you suffer technical problems, please drop us a line and we will endeavour to rectify. 

Installation (all rights reserved)

Warning: This software is built for Microsoft Windows; it is not suitable for Mac’s. Housekeeping!! - Please ensure your system is up to date with the latest security software,  RK will not be held responsible for any security and systems failure as a result of you accessing and installing any of the following software. 

 Step 1 - Recommendation: Preserve your current settings by typing 'restore point' into the search box (bottom left) and follow the instructions. This will enable you to return the computer to its current state should you experience any issues during installations. This is a low-risk issue and more of a precautionary measure when introducing new software.

Step 2 - As this is an old game, you’ll need to install an old graphics driver, Windows currently uses DirectX12, for the game to work you’ll need to install DirectX9. To install DirextX9, you'll need a standalone version, which you can download here:

Download DirextX9

Once you’ve downloaded, find DXSETUP.exe found within the file structure, click to run.

Step 3 - Now download the game. You'll need to access the game folder and duplicate the folder to your own hard drive. Create a Timegate folder within your filing structure, then download all files to the folder you've just created - Timegate: 

 Download Timegate

Once the folder is sitting on your own computer, open the Timegate folder and click on the square green Timegate.exe icon. The game should now start to install to your hard drive. Don't worry if the screen goes blank for a bit, please be patient.

Step 4 - Only if you experience problems with install.  You may get an error message at the end of the installation saying that FFDShow failed to install, but the game should play fine anyway. FFDShow is a video codec (it decodes particular types of video). If you get the error message and the game doesn't run, or you can't see the prisoner, try installing the latest version of FFDShow:

 Download FFDShow

Have fun! 


What does the Women's Land Army, Turner, Roman cooking pots, Grimbald Crag and the Old Manor House all have in common...?!
Answer - they all feature in the exhibition OUR KNARESBOROUGH OUR STORIES to be held on 28th and 29th September at COGS (Centre on Gracious Street). 

This exhibition aims to raise awareness of the potential for a new Town Museum and Art Gallery in Knaresborough and give a taster of what it could be like....

Town Museum and Art Gallery for Knaresborough

A Town Museum and Art Gallery is sorely needed in Knaresborough. Knaresborough has a rich multi-layered and unique history but its story is not being told. Local children miss out by not finding out about their local history and Knaresborough’s artefacts are being scattered and worse lost. Visitors do not fully engage with and enjoy the town’s cultural heritage because the Court House Museum (the only local museum) can only offer a limited visitor experience because of site constraints. Currently, the Court House Museum has neither the space nor the conditions to provide the appropriate environment for the type of treasures a Town Museum in Knaresborough could potentially display. A Town Museum could be transformative – boosting the local economy, encouraging investment and offering ample scope for the local community to become more engaged with their town’s wonderful heritage.

Nidd riverboat

After many years of speculation and false starts, the Knaresborough Cliff Lift project is finally gaining traction: the feasibility process is now progressing well and is attracting positive interest from near and far. A mechanised transport system linking Knaresborough’s Riverside and Town is far from a new concept: it actually originates from a Town Strategy report back in 2005.  Historically, the project was blighted by a starvation of funds due to budget tightening and competing priorities, and consequently, the project has been kept ‘waiting in the wings.’

cliff lift

Renaissance Knaresborough, a local voluntary organisation, has continued to champion the lift concept, overcoming the past inertia by attracting further volunteers and persevering to secure funds from Harrogate Borough and Knaresborough Town Councils. Renaissance has long provided a framework and conduit for projects on behalf of Knaresborough residents, businesses and surrounding rural communities.

First and foremost the cliff lift will be an invaluable means of access, supporting those with disability and mobility challenges, but it will also serve to enhance the Knaresborough experience for all.  Knaresborough’s unique and picturesque topography does present a serious challenge for the local economy because the Riverside and Town economies are essentially isolated, with spending habits and the duration of stay seriously impacted by the separation of the two parts of the town. The proposed cliff lift has potential to link the town’s key features, attractions and retail, improving both experiences and boosting the town economy. The proposed lift will not look to substitute the existing footpaths - in fact it could well be used to improve the surrounding ground maintenance.

Renaissance has taken up the mantle of project development and has already begun to resolve a number of technical and commercial challenges which are a feature of such a complex project. Early this year Renaissance commissioned First Point Surveys to conduct a topographical study on an area adjacent to Castle grounds, and a non-invasive Geotechnical study is likely to commence in the coming weeks.

This type of project isn’t going to happen overnight.  There is a significant amount of work to be done with numerous consultations ahead.  A strong commercial case will be needed to draw investment, but for the scheme to be successful it must be beautiful as well as useful: so will entail a sympathetic design for local residents as well as enhancing the important heritage asset it serves.

Renaissance Knaresborough remains committed to the development of the cliff lift project.  However, its success is dependent on the contributions of the volunteers it can attract and the funds it can secure. Should you feel that you can assist in either contributing a proportion of your time or are able to support in some other way, please express your interest to Shan Oakes 01423 549376.

Renaissance Knaresborough will be launching a social media campaign at the end of May to keep local residents and businesses up to speed with the cliff developments, so watch this space.