A Community Project

Sharing with the Town

Knaresborough's Town Windows are a collection of public artworks illustrating characters and events from the town's long and rich history. In order to preserve these important town assets, we must raise funds to cover management and much-needed repair costs and have started a GoFundMe Appeal. Please consider helping us.


The artworks use the technique of trompe l'oeil, a painting style that sets out to 'fool the eye' into seeing a painted picture as something real.

Knaresborough has dozens of blank windows in older buildings of the town. They are a feature of Georgian buildings. The windows were blocked to avoid window tax or incorporated in the building's design to provide symmetry.

Town Windows reinstates the windows by installing paintings on panels.

The Town Windows are in place all year round so whenever you visit we hope you will take the time to explore our streets and discover them.  A new Town Windows Leaflet has recently been printed and is available from the Tourist Information Office.  

painterstraght webThe project was an extension of a concept established in 2008 during the towns annual FEVA (Festival of Visual Arts) event.


RK is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation which is the custodian of the Town Windows, responsible for insurance, maintenance and repair. 

The Windows are iconic and a key feature of the identity of the town, they also serve as an important signpost for resident and visitor alike to the rich local history.

Please support this project by donating any amount, no matter how small, to our much-needed coffers to preserve these beautiful windows.