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autumnfest 2019

As part of our Autumn Fest, there is to be an Exhibition “Our Knaresborough, Our Stories” which aims to raise interest in and support for a Town Museum and Art Gallery for Knaresborough. The exhibition will illustrate what such a Museum could display and ask people for their views.

To be a success we are asking local people to share their stories, photographs and artefacts and we particularly need help with the following: ….

  1. Geology of the local area –any interesting local fossils or geological photographs.
  2. Archaeology and Medieval artefacts - have you dug something interesting up in your garden?
  3. Impact of War – gas mask, war time photographs, diaries, other local war related mementoes
  4. Former industries and occupations: do you have photographs of Castle Mills or local weaving sheds, or artefacts relating to the textile industries? Any photos of former factories – munitions, parachute factory, leather working and tanning, boat building? Do you have information on a family member who worked in a former industry or occupation?
  5. Fairs and festivals – do you have any photos or anything you can lend relating to the Water Carnival or other early fairs and processions?
  6. Poverty and disease – times were hard in Victorian time and the 1930s – can you share any stories about hardships your families faced? Information also wanted on the former workhouses and hospitals/sanitoriums
  7. Housing through the ages… does your house have an interesting history which you would like to share….

Knaresborough excavations

If you can help please contact Kathy Allday (email: Kathy Allday or Call 07866026807).

You can find more information available about the proposed Town Museum and Art Gallery here in this article





More about Knaresborough Autumnfest...!



Using storytelling, music, dance, drama, lighting, sound, design, art, photography, poetry and creativity of all kinds, we will recall characters such as St Robert, Queen Philippa, Mother Shipton, Blind Jack, and more. 
An exhibition of the history of the town and her industrial heritage (flax, linen, dying, indigo) and many stories will be open at COGS all weekend

The Castle

Renewed interpretation, exploiting the new lighting, and incorporating the museum, re-enactments of historic events – and some not so historic! The Chapel of Our Lady in the Crag will be open

Trails – Town Windows, Lions Trail, etc

Raising the Cannon!  A search in the River Nidd for a missing treasure from our waterside!


Knaresborough Forest - Past, present and future     Kick-starting the Yorkshire White Rose Forest – tree planting to absorb carbon, water retention, food production, wildlife habitat, and improve wellbeing e.g. ‘forest bathing’, forest skills and perhaps archery and falconry.  Open gardens, bats, wildlife, fruit trees, tree trail/audit, cider making, harvest…

New trails and walks

A walking festival:  Throughout the weekend, linking Sustrans Greenway with Woodland Trust, Nidd Gorge and Conyngham Hall Harvest decoration and celebration

Early Morning Tai Chi


  • A ‘transition’ for Knaresborough: reducing our carbon footprint – focus on sharing, eg transport, local food, goods and energy
  • Displays, demonstrations and discussions, rethinking things such as accessibility (including a cliff lift), minimising waste
  • Cycling activities for kids and adults,
  • A big screen,
  • A free cycle-repair clinic – labour and advice is free; you pay for the bits!
  • Electric bike and electric vehicle promotion with transport provided by E-Dubs electric taxi service and Get Cycling

Where will all this happen?

A special map will be provided of the town, marking event spots such as The Castle grounds, Bebra Gardens, St Roberts Cave, The Chapel in the Crag,
Waterside, Conyngham Hall, Henshaws, St Marys Church Rooms, The Hub, St. Johns Church, The Railway Station, Knaresborough (Stockwell) Community Centre, Castlegate, Centre on Gracious St(COGS), The Market Place.

Events already confirmed are: 

Concert at St Johns Church (6pm Sunday )
Henshaws Concert (Sat eve)
Medieval Feast (3pm Sat St Marys Church Rooms)
Market Place: Big Screen, all day Saturday and Sunday, with showings of brand new
footage of our Town, and live interviews with locals and visitors throughout both days.
Giving you also a grandstand seat of both the Men’s and Women’s senior events
Knaresborough Silver Band will emerge at various times with pop-up performances to
surprise and please!
Quiz - Worlds End Pub 8pm sun
The Vampire experience - The Castle Grounds Saturday and Sunday
Walks: Nidd Gorge, possibly Staveley Nature Reserve, and trails around
Activities on the river, with perhaps a light show as the skies darken
Stalls and dancing at the Station and in the Castle
Tai Chi at the Castle and Stockwell Community Centre
Food – cooking and eating – at Stockwell Community Centre
Kids’ bikes - Market Place and Stockwell Community Centre
Mega Bikes – Waterside
Bike Doctor: Pedalheads, Castlegate
Dance display  - Castle
Mummers  - Castle or Market – Saturday
Ancient music – minstrels in various parts of town all weekend
Knaresborough Silver Band – here, there, everywhere!
Films – Frazer Theatre?
Football match
Park Run

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autumnfest 2019 


will take place at

Centre on Gracious St.

28th and 29th September 2019.