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Knaresborough’s Little Cannon

Knaresborough’s Little Cannon

We’re calling it Knaresborough’s Little Cannon, because there are other cannon, but this one used to sit on a wall on Waterside.

Where was the wall on which the cannon sat?

When did it go missing?

What was the story at the time?

Anyone know ‘who dunnit’?

We are trying to find it before the Autumn Festival planned for the weekend of September 28th & 29th 2019, as a first step to gathering Knaresborough’s lost historical artefacts.

There are many stories surrounding this Little Cannon, but we think it only disappeared in the 50's or 60's. There are stories that it was thrown into the River by rowdy youths, but we would like more information before we send divers in after it!!

So, if you were living in Knaresborough when the Little Cannon went missing, please share your memories about this mystery by going to the contact us page on this website or on our Facebook page.