A Community Project

Sharing with the Town

28th - 29th September 2019

RK-autumnfest 2019Are you ready to join the fun, and help Renaissance Knaresborough (RK) coordinate a series of events of varying sizes throughout the last weekend of September, to be known as Knaresborough Festival?
The concept has been getting more exciting as more people have added their ideas. Individuals and groups have already 'signed up' to a celebration of all things Knaresborough! We want to cover the whole of Knaresborough (not just the Riverside), exploiting and complementing the opportunity provided by the final weekend of the UCI World Cycling Championships.

The 4 major themes will be:

characters - fame/ notoriety, service/ sacrifice

Using storytelling, drama, music, lighting, sound, design, art, photography, poetry and creativity of all kinds, we will recall St Robert, Queen Philippa, Mother Shipton, Blind Jack, renew our acquaintance with various murderers and more. We will Incorporate local groups and individual talent, and enjoy activities on the river, with a light show as the skies darken


  • Industrial heritage – flax, linen dying, indigo etc.
  • The Castle - renewed interpretation, exploiting the new lighting, and incorporating the museum and re-enactments of historic events


  • Knaresborough Forest : past present and future – kick starting the Yorkshire White Rose Forest – tree planting to absorb carbon, water retention, food production, wildlife habitat, and improve wellbeing e.g. ‘forest bathing’
  • Forest skills and Archery.
  • Open gardens, bats, wildlife, fruit trees, tree trail/audit, cider making, harvest...
  • New trails and walks – a walking festival throughout the weekend linking Sustrans Greenway with Woodland Trust Nidd Gorge and Conyngham Hall


  • Reducing our carbon footprint – focus on sharing, eg transport, local food, goods, energy etc.
  • A ‘transition’ for Knaresborough: displays and demonstrations rethinking many things such as transport, accessibility (including a cliff lift), minimising waste etc
  • Electric bike and electric vehicle promotion

To get more information, or offer to work with us, in any way you imagine, call 01423 549376, or use our contact page