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Sharing with the Town
What does the Women's Land Army, Turner, Roman cooking pots, Grimbald Crag and the Old Manor House all have in common...?!
Answer - they all feature in the exhibition OUR KNARESBOROUGH OUR STORIES to be held on 28th and 29th September at COGS (Centre on Gracious Street). 

This exhibition aims to raise awareness of the potential for a new Town Museum and Art Gallery in Knaresborough and give a taster of what it could be like....

Town Museum and Art Gallery for Knaresborough

A Town Museum and Art Gallery is sorely needed in Knaresborough. Knaresborough has a rich multi-layered and unique history but its story is not being told. Local children miss out by not finding out about their local history and Knaresborough’s artefacts are being scattered and worse lost. Visitors do not fully engage with and enjoy the town’s cultural heritage because the Court House Museum (the only local museum) can only offer a limited visitor experience because of site constraints. Currently, the Court House Museum has neither the space nor the conditions to provide the appropriate environment for the type of treasures a Town Museum in Knaresborough could potentially display. A Town Museum could be transformative – boosting the local economy, encouraging investment and offering ample scope for the local community to become more engaged with their town’s wonderful heritage.

Nidd riverboat

autumnfest 2019

As part of our Autumn Fest, there is to be an Exhibition “Our Knaresborough, Our Stories” which aims to raise interest in and support for a Town Museum and Art Gallery for Knaresborough. The exhibition will illustrate what such a Museum could display and ask people for their views.

To be a success we are asking local people to share their stories, photographs and artefacts and we particularly need help with the following: ….

RK OpenDay

A quick thank you to everyone who took the time to visit us yesterday, it was great to see you, everyone demonstrated a clear passion for the town. Some great insights and ideas which will be delivered by us working together.

Special thanks to CFK Developments Ltd for use of Claro Chambers, MAC Architects, Knaresborough Cricket Club, as well as our own RK volunteers.

RK OpenDay

Open Day 15th May 2019, 09.00 – 17.00

Former Natwest Bank, High St, Knaresborough

& Market Place Stall

The Purpose?

  • To reintroduce RK to the community 
  • To remember projects of the past and highlight things we are & can do together for the future
  • To attract support and stimulate new ideas to Make a Great Town Better




Knaresborough’s Little Cannon

Knaresborough’s Little Cannon

We’re calling it Knaresborough’s Little Cannon, because there are other cannon, but this one used to sit on a wall on Waterside.

Where was the wall on which the cannon sat?

When did it go missing?

What was the story at the time?

Anyone know ‘who dunnit’?

We are trying to find it before the Autumn Festival planned for the weekend of September 28th & 29th 2019, as a first step to gathering Knaresborough’s lost historical artefacts.

There are many stories surrounding this Little Cannon, but we think it only disappeared in the 50's or 60's. There are stories that it was thrown into the River by rowdy youths, but we would like more information before we send divers in after it!!

So, if you were living in Knaresborough when the Little Cannon went missing, please share your memories about this mystery by going to the contact us page on this website or on our Facebook page.

28th - 29th September 2019

RK-autumnfest 2019Are you ready to join the fun, and help Renaissance Knaresborough (RK) coordinate a series of events of varying sizes throughout the last weekend of September, to be known as Knaresborough Festival?
The concept has been getting more exciting as more people have added their ideas. Individuals and groups have already 'signed up' to a celebration of all things Knaresborough! We want to cover the whole of Knaresborough (not just the Riverside), exploiting and complementing the opportunity provided by the final weekend of the UCI World Cycling Championships.

Wednesday 14th November from 1.30 – 4 pm at Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre


Access around Knaresborough is not easy for a lot of people and the Crag is both a thing of beauty but also divides the town into two. Visitors to Waterside rarely venture up the steep uneven steps to the Castle, marketplace and High Street – and vice versa. In effect, this 
means the town has two separate economies – and many visitors and local people alike have problems getting to all areas of the town easily.

After many years of speculation and false starts, the Knaresborough Cliff Lift project is finally gaining traction: the feasibility process is now progressing well and is attracting positive interest from near and far. A mechanised transport system linking Knaresborough’s Riverside and Town is far from a new concept: it actually originates from a Town Strategy report back in 2005.  Historically, the project was blighted by a starvation of funds due to budget tightening and competing priorities, and consequently, the project has been kept ‘waiting in the wings.’