Renaissance Knaresborough Meetings

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In accordance with the Constitution of the Knaresborough Renaissance, I am giving notice of the 2017 Annual General Meeting, to take place in the Committee Room at Knaresborough House at 7 pm on Tuesday 26 June 2018. The AGM will be followed by an ordinary meeting of the Executive Committee, and the agenda will be published separately.  All welcome

All are invited to attend the AGM, where the Agenda will be:

1. Introductions and apologies

2. Minutes of the 2017 AGM held on 20 June 2017

3. The work of the Knaresborough Renaissance in the year 2017/2018

4. Finance Report and Accounts for 2017/2018. Also to note the receipt of accounts for 2016/2017 not available at the previous AGM

5. Appointment of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer for 2018/2019

6. Invitation to join the Partnership Executive Committee

All members of the Knaresborough community are invited to attend, seek nomination for election to the above appointments, and join the Executive Committee.

A copy of the Agenda and Constitution will be posted on the Knaresborough Town Council website 


Bill Rigby


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23 May 2018